Help Center - Frequently Asked Questions

Decal Information

Q: How do I install a decal?

Decal installation is rather straightforward, especially when following these steps!

  1. Properly clean surface - note that certain chemicals like glass cleaner or wax like products can prevent decals from sticking to surface. Soap/Water solution is recommended.
  2. Once you remove the decal from the packaging, rub/squeegee the top side of the decal to prepare for application. This is extremely important for decals with smaller parts to ensure proper installation.
  3. Peel the clear transfer tape back at an angle, slowly. *Occasional you may need to squeegee the outside of  the transfer tape*
  4. Place decal in desired position, squeegee from the middle towards the outsides to ensure little to no air bubbles.
  5. Remove transfer tape once the decal is on.
  6. Take a picture/video and send it to us so we can shout you out!

Q: What is the quality of the decals?

All decals are made of premium quality materials - able to be exposed to all elements (Waterproof, UV Rated, Etc.) Rated to last up to 5 years.

Q: Do you offer Bulk discounts?

Wholesale rates are available for all products, please email to open a wholesale inquiry.

Q: Can you turn my custom design into a decal?

Prior to placing an order, email your design to and we can confirm that we are able to print your design.


Q: Can I return my order?

All sales are final, please ensure your order is exactly as you want prior to placing your order.

If your order is incorrect or damaged please contact us ASAP so we can remedy the situation.

Q: Can I track my order?

Single decal orders generally do not include tracking as they are shipped general postage through USPS. Whenever an order including 2+ decals/products tracking is included and will be emailed to the provided address following fulfillment.

Various flat-rate shipping options are available at checkout. Orders generally leave shop within 1-2 business days.



Q: Where are you located?

Our Headquarters has recently changed and all orders are being shipped out of Phoenix, Arizona!