Hex Styling - DIY WRAP KIT


Hexagon Themed Do It Yourself Car Wraps!

These DIY wraps are extremely easy to install, packaged in easily workable vinyl stripes. Premium cast vinyl rated for 5+ years, 100% waterproof and can easily be removed.

Sizing: Please note there is no specific size for any car/make/model. These kits allow for unlimited freedom and may be oriented to your liking.

STANDARD - Approx. 24 ft² (Great for Coupes/Sedans)

LARGE - Approx. 36 ft² (Great for Coupes/Sedans/SUVs/Trucks)

Large kits can be used on smaller cars and smaller kits can be used on larger cars, it all depends on how much coverage you want.


- DIY Wrap Kit

- Application Squeegee

- Limited edition Toplabel windshield banner

- FREE TopLabel Garage Banner


1. Clean the surface in which the DIY wrap kit will be installed. Soap and water solution is recommended. Do not try to apply on top of a waxed surface or similar finish.

2. Ensure no dirt and debris remain on the surface. Clay-bar recommended

 **** Its recommended to mock-up the design before applying it directly to the surface.

3. When ready to install, simply remove the transfer tape from the vinyl strip and place kit in desired fashion.

4. Use application squeegee to ensure optimal placement.

5. Use scissors to cut the kit into smaller pieces/stripes.


Email - for information on mixing colors, different sizes, and other inquiries you might have!

Affordable Wraps / Unlimited Creativity.